Construction of Hydro Power and Hydro-Technical Systems


Maloku’s has built many hydro-technical structures of all kinds in the country and region: concrete dams, levees and river control, hydropower, irrigation and water supply systems. The company is proud of its ongoing contributions to the construction and development of the electricity system


Road construction
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Road Construction is the core business field for Maloku.

Building bridges

Maloku build bridges with concrete streets and local roads.

Building construction


We can proudly say that our company is the leading company in our country for residential and commercial building construction.

Sewage treatment plan and construction


Wastewater treatment facilities are engineering-driven, which requires a higher level of mechanical and electrical expertise during the preconstruction phase. Maloku’s expertise is especially important in supporting the design team as equipment, maintenance, operations and constructability decisions are being made. Besides the extensive mechanical and electrical work, these projects are concrete-intensive, and our ability to perform all the concrete work with our own forces gives us greater control and security in delivering the project on time and within budget.