About us

Maloku was founded in 2008, is located in s.Goshince – Lipkovo Macedonia

The company has employees who are mostly involved in the construction business with architects and engineers as part of the team.

Our mission is to deliver lasting construction, which is a solid, quality made and on which you can securely steps.

Our vision is to be your partner that you have full confidence and jointly create your future with firm ground for all.

The main activity is the production and installation of concrete of all types, concrete sewer pipes and their performance, the performance of various civil engineering structures, roads, water supply and sewerage systems, construction of various buildings, construction of individual residential buildings.

The company is equipped with machinery to install systems for water supply completely, complete equipment for the buildings, a number of construction machinery, mining machinery, various types of machinery required for water supply and special machinery for winter maintenance roads.

All products from the plant Maloku have attested certificate from the Civil Engineering Institute of the Republic of Macedonia.