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Guarantee high quality and flawless performed works by Maloku are hardworking and experienced workers, engineers, technicians and other highly skilled personnel that are embedded in the number of employees over .... Maljoku was founded in 2008 when located in s.Goshince - Lipkovo, Macedonia, The company has employees who are mostly involved in the construction business with architects and engineers as part of the team. Our mission is to deliver lasting construction, which is a solid, quality made and on which you can securely steps. Our vision is to be your partner that you have full confidence and jointly create your future with firm ground for all. The main activity is the production and installation of concrete of all types, concrete sewer pipes and their performance, the performance of various civil engineering structures, roads, water supply and sewerage systems, construction of various buildings, construction of individual residential buildings.

People in Maloku share the same focus: supplying our customers with innovative, efficient and flexible choices and services, allowing you to focus on their mission!

Our international team of experts working successfully on complex logistics and operations that support our portfolio of services where they are needed.

We actively recruit exceptional people with specific skills to fill the positions with critical to our business. All of them are very committed to meeting the standards for safety, quality and service Maloku.